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Online Exclusive: From This Point Forward

God Speaks Through His Word

Time for some numbers that make your chin drop—at least they did mine: The number of words swirling around us on a daily basis. I picture it like a massive swarm of locusts that blackens the sky for hours on end. Except, in our case, we’re talking about endless swarms of words instead of insects....

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Newsmakers vs. Way Maker

In a yellowed article from the 1881 collection of The Sailor’s Magazine, I came across this quote: “Christians are but travelers,—Jesus was the way-maker. They but pathfinders,—He the path itself…. While others played, he worked. While they slept, he prayed. While they scorned, he blessed....

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This Month's Magazine Resource

Where Do We Go From Here?

There may never be a time in history when end times prophecy is more aligned with current events than it is today.

Could we be living in the Last Days?

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Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Years after the Budik people in Senegal heard the Gospel, the Budik believers showed little evidence of spiritual growth, and the church itself wasn’t growing. But one event changed everything....

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