The Great Disappearance

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Aired Sunday, May 12

Live Like You Were Dying

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Since Christ will return at any moment, how should we live as we wait for His return? Thankfully, God’s Word gives us insight and wisdom in answer to this question.

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In-Depth Rapture Study
In-Depth Rapture Study

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In-Depth Rapture Study

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An Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look

The Message & Mission of The Great Disappearance

Dive into the heart of a groundbreaking journey that turned the world’s gaze towards a phenomenon like no other! The Great Disappearance is a visionary project that's not just about storytelling—it's a heartfelt mission to spread a message of salvation and hope across the globe. With over 300 million views, discover how a simple yet profound idea transformed into a social media sensation, sparking conversations and inspiring curiosity in every corner of the world. From viral social media moments filmed with the simplicity of iPhones and GoPros to engaging street conversations that delve deep into humanity's most profound questions, this exclusive behind-the-scenes video reveals the passion, the creativity, and the unyielding faith that propelled this message forward.

Witness how innovative filming techniques and genuine, heartfelt discussions broke barriers and brought a timeless message of hope and salvation to millions. Are you ready to see what it truly means to impact the world through faith? Watch now and be part of a journey that connects hearts and souls to a future filled with hope.

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An Incredible Message with an Incredible Impact

Perhaps Today World Outreach

Discover the transformative impact of the PERHAPS TODAY World Outreach, where God's message was broadcast globally through The Great Disappearance led by Dr. David Jeremiah. This powerful evangelical outreach continues to resonate with people globally! The response has been immense, with over 342 million people viewing this thought-provoking content on social media. From the Pre-Enactment videos and man-on-the-street interviews, people are pausing to consider the Rapture.

Explore our outreach report, which shows results so profound only God can get the credit! Witness for yourself the impact of a mission that's changing hearts and paving new beginnings. And join us on this journey to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world!

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Perhaps Today World Outreach - More than 342 Million People Reached
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